One man can lose WW1 in an afternoon; but which man is it?

"Castles of Steel" - a drama based on a true story by Nick Wray
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Castles of Steel - Part 1 of 5
Scenes 1-7

Castles of Steel - Part 2 of 5
Scenes 8-14

Castles of Steel - Part 3 of 5
Scenes 15-21

Castles of Steel - Part 4 of 5
Scenes 22-28

Castles of Steel - Part 5 of 5
Scenes 29-37

Castles of Steel - Parts 1-5
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Amazon review: "Plays are meant to be performed and this one's crying out to be recorded! It brings another sad chapter of WW1 to life - poignant, moving, funny and informative. Read it!"


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