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'Dreadnought', a screenplay by Nick Wray - 2022 Military Showcase Competition Official Selection.png

One man can lose WW1 in an afternoon; but which man is it?

"Castles of Steel" - a drama based on a true story by Nick Wray
Castles of Steel - cover image

Stop Press - Dreadnought, the screenplay of Castles of Steel - A 2022 official selection in Ink & Cinema's Military Story Showcase Competition 

'Dreadnought', a screenplay by Nick Wray - 2022 Military Showcase Competition Official Selection.png
The Story
THE Story

May 1916 – World War 1: as the bloodshed and stalemate of the land war continues, over 100 ships of the British Grand Fleet are moored at Scapa Flow.


Yet even under the command of respected Admiral John Jellicoe, the most powerful navy the world has ever seen appears to be doing little to help end the war other than swing idly at anchor.


Then the German High Seas Fleet senses an opportunity to lure Britain’s fast but poorly-armoured battle cruisers – under the impetuous Vice-Admiral David Beatty – into a trap. Its aim? To deliver a knock-out blow that will cripple the Royal Navy, and hand ultimate victory to the Kaiser.


But as Jellicoe continues the War Cabinet’s strategy of blockading Germany by sea and starving her into submission, British politicians, the press and the public alike grow increasingly impatient for an end to the stalemate, and long for a crushing Trafalgar-like victory at sea.


In the balance rest the lives of tens of thousands of British sailors, including 15-year-old Jack Cornwell. Then the fog of war lifts, and the British and German Fleets finally meet for ‘Der Tag’, The Day. The fate of the sailors – and the war – soon to be decided in the grey wastes and blasting winds off the Danish coast, west of Jutland…

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Castles of Steel - Part 1 of 5
Scenes 1-7

Castles of Steel - Part 2 of 5
Scenes 8-14

Castles of Steel - Part 3 of 5
Scenes 15-21

Castles of Steel - Part 4 of 5
Scenes 22-28

Castles of Steel - Part 5 of 5
Scenes 29-37

Castles of Steel - Parts 1-5
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The Author
The Author

Nick Wray has written for the Independent, Screen Digest and Viewfinder, as well as other publications and media. Nick has an MA in Interactive Media from the Royal College of Art and his polemic on the digital world, The Living Garden (web site here), won the ICL-Fujitsu prize for innovation in media. Nick’s short play ‘Heart of Glass’, about Google Glass, was recently shortlisted by the Finsbury Theatre, London
‘Little Pieces of Gold’ competition.

Nick is currently working on ‘Lunch with Jason King’ - a collection of short stories & bedtime tales from the past, present & future of the Digital Age.

© 2022

Amazon review: "Plays are meant to be performed and this one's crying out to be recorded! It brings another sad chapter of WW1 to life - poignant, moving, funny and informative. Read it!"


Amazon Review

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